We started Flow Canon to solve the problems the vast majority of software teams encounter. Business owners want to see their software working as intended, but that’s only one of the problems that need solved.

Software at its core is about managing complexity in order to deliver value more efficiently than was possible without technology. We help business people and software developers communicate more effectively.

Our Mission

Apply the Flow Canon. When these words are spoke by professional team members, a switch will be thrown and everyone will remember their shared baseline understanding of how to efficiently work together. The Flow Canon will grow to provide the frameworks and structure for developers and business owners to work together effectively. It is a manifesto for Managers, PMs, POs, Devs, and Designers that unlocks hidden potential removing obstructions to delivering value.

Business Owners

You want a technology solution that achieved a desired impact. You may have a list of features identified or maybe your idea is more nascent. We work closely with clients from retail, real estate, and action sports industries meet their business goals. A well articulated product vision is one of the many missing links that you need in order to work well with software teams. We will work with you to articulate your vision in a way that is consumable by developers.

Software Developers

You want to work with clients who can articulate their vision simply and clearly. You need the support of the client in order to do your work, but most of the time you feel like you’re trying to solve the technology problem that your experience tells you must be solved, but the client doesn’t understand why. We help you communicate more effectively with clients by working with you to understand how the client is likely frame the problems and solutions you present.


We are located in beautiful Jackson WY. If you ever needed an reason to come visit us, the local treasures of Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks are a great excuse.

We have associates in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Boston. We love to travel and can come to you when the circumstances warrant.

Core Values


Discipline Equals Freedom

Strong Opinions Lossely Held